Simone Shaw has been looking after our garden since 2004. She was introduced to us by a friend who was happy with her work. Since she started looking after our garden, it has been pretty much a stress free garden. We have quite a few plants and before Simone started, it could be time consuming, especially in summer.

Simone does the maintenance and upkeep without us ever having to prompt. It is always pleasant when we come home after she has been. Even though we do still potter around our garden, the maintenance has been done for us. When we want to change anything in our garden, we get ideas from Simone. Simone has come up with some good plans and ideas. And has provided reasonable quotes for the extra work. When she makes recommendations, we tend to go with her ideas (after discussion) because they have worked out nicely in the past.

In general, very happy with Simone’s work and we will not be looking to change any time soon.